Innovation Competition Winner

We are pleased to announce the winner of our Student Innovation Competition – Tom Pavelle. Based at Plymouth University, and in his final months of his Medical degree, Tom’s patent pending product is titled CAZMAT (trademark applied for). To be manufactured from closed-cell foam, it has a U-Shape design which when folded out around a patient lying on the floor, provides additional comfort for the healthcare technicians treating the patient, provides further protection from hazardous objects and fluids, and offers additional visibility to the treatment zone.

Within Tom’s research, he has spoken to a number of medical experts and clinicians within emergency and trauma medicine, and he has received a very positive response to the CAZMAT.

Winner of the Technical Foam Services innovation competition

Technical Foam Services will now work with Thomas in the following areas, to help bring the CAZMAT to market later in 2016;

  • Patent investigation
  • Research and development into suitable raw material (worldwide)
  • Manufacturing of prototypes, including covering initial tooling costs
  • Full product costings and packaging design
  • Determining best production processes
  • Logistics
  • Establishing a marketing plan, including route-to-market
  • Full administration support (including accounts and quality control)
  • Getting the product launched and presented to potential customers.

In addition to the above, Thomas also receives a cash prize of £2,000.

In due course, a CAZMAT website will be set up. In the meantime further information can be obtained from Duncan Geddes.

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