Disposing of Scrap Foam


Within the foam industry, the disposal of scrap foam is becoming an increasingly important subject for both the manufacturers and convertors of polyurethane foam. Foam is inherently a volumetric, but light-weight material, so what methods are there to dispose of scrap foam? Flexible polyurethane foams were originally developed during World War II, for use as aircraft coatings. However, prod...

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Density and Foam Conversion


How density has such a big impact on foam conversion Flexible polyurethane open-cell foam is manufactured in a wide range of densities. This is due to the huge number of different applications that foam is used within, ranging from washing up sponges and bath sponges, up to heavy-duty packaging and mattresses. Within Europe, the lowest density is 10kg/m3, which in reality is so light tha...

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