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Domestic applications for flexible foam

Flexible foams are amazingly versatile and effective materials, which offer many benefits in a wide range of goods around the home.

With over 300 grades of foam in stock, as the leading engineering-biased converter of flexible foams, Technical Foam Services develops and manufactures foam products for a multitude of domestic applications. These include:

Aquatic filters

With a vast range of porosities and densities available in a wide choice of colours, we produce non-toxic aquatic filter foams for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Cleaning products

Produced in a wide range of cellulose and hydrophilic polyurethane grades, we supply cleaning wipes and sponges in every conceivable shape, size and density, ranging from super soft foams to durable sponges for cleaning floors.

We have also played an important role in the development and production of the now famous melamine "Magic sponge", and are the trusted supplier of many producers and high street retailers, such as Oven Pride and Halfords.

Car and motorbike filters

Enabling enhanced airflow and improved dust absorption, these products are also washable and re-usable. We supply polyurethane filters to some of the world's leading car and motorcycle maintenance part producers, including Piper Cross.

Polishing pads

From professional buffing pads to synthetic chamois leathers, we develop and manufacture a vast range of polishing products, which have been used by iconic marques such as Ferrari, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce.

Cosmetic applicators and sponges

From bath sponges to product release cosmetic foams, as a leader in this field we produce a vast selection of bathing and cosmetic solutions.

We supply a wide range of 100% latex-free, non-toxic and odourless applicators, removers and sponges, suitable for use with both powder and cream formulations. We also produce cosmetic release foams, which can be impregnated with cleansing products, moisturisers and fragrances.

Furnishing and bedding foams

From seat pads and pillows to composite foams with additional anti-bacterial properties, we produce an extensive range of furnishing and bedding products for the domestic market.

Stationery goods

With the technical and engineering capacity to convert and thermo-mould a wide range of PVC foam materials, we manufacture a wide range of stationery items such as ring binders and mouse mats, which benefit from a high level of solvent, moisture and temperature resistance.

Printer ink foams

Produced in technically advanced compressed foams, we manufacture and export inkpads and rollers for global brands such as Epson, Lexmark, Hewlett Packard and Tesco.

Sports equipment

From buoyancy aids for swimmers, including the Swimfin (www.swimfin.co.uk), to full body armour for extreme sports, we offer an expansive range of sports and protective equipment to meet a vast range of sporting and leisure activities.

Promotional products

We love foam in any shape or form, and we manufacture a huge range of promotional, coloured foam products. From foam hands to giant numbers and letters, we can make foam products in virtually any shape or colour you like.

While we've given you some examples here, the range of domestic products we can manufacture is only limited by your imagination. With your ideas and our technical know-how, the possibilities are endless.

Contact our technical team to discuss your individual requirements.

Domestic Foam Products from Technical Foam Services

If you are looking for a range of domestic foams for upholstery, cleaning, decorating or polishing, we can help. We can design, develop and manufacture a variety of upholstery foams, cushion foams, paint rollers, foam toys, latex foam, plus so much more.

High Quality Upholstery Foam and Cushion Foam

Here at Technical Foam Services we have a long history in providing high quality upholstery foam and cushion foam to the domestic market. We can also provide cushion foam and upholstery foam with anti-bacterial properties. We can cut our upholstery foam and cushion foam to any shape or size you require, and our foams are incredibly affordable and competitive when compared to our industry rivals.

Premium Paint Rollers

We can provide a diverse range of paint rollers in various sizes and with numerous specifications. Our paint rollers can provide the perfect paint finish for any interior or exterior, and have provided paint rollers for a variety of decorating organisations.

A Variety of Services for Foam Toys

We are dedicated to providing an extensive range of foam toys which can be designed, developed and manufactured for your company. Whether you require foam balls, education foam toys or foam building blocks, we can help.

Anti-Microbial Latex Foam

At Technical Foam Services, we can design, develop and manufacture latex foam for mattresses or pillow cases on water beds. Latex foam is highly regarded for its fortitude, and as a latex foam is anti-microbial; meaning it creates an unwelcoming environment for dust mites.

State of the Art Foam Facilities

We have been providing foam services since 1990 to numerous industries across the world, and carry out all of our designing, developing and manufacturing for a variety of products in our state of the art facilities in Corby, Northamptonshire. We are committed to guiding our customers during every stage of our designing to manufacturing processes to deliver the most innovative foam products for each company. Plus, as we supply an exclusive printing service, we can also print a company name, logo and other printed details directly onto the foam products.

If you would like to create a product using our foam services, contact our technical team to discuss your individual foam product requirements.