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Turn your ideas into reality with Technical Foam Services

Have you got a new concept, or maybe you've already invented an innovative product in foam or rubber, but don't know how to go about developing it further?

Look no further than Technical Foam Services. We are passionate about helping to bring new foam and rubber applications to market and will help in any way we can, offering our unrivalled engineering expertise and technical knowledge absolutely free-of-charge, to enable you to make your ideas become a reality.

From design to delivery

At Technical Foam Services we have over two decades' experience in the foam sector. In this time we have not only accrued a wealth of knowledge; we have also established superb relationships with raw material suppliers, packaging firms and logistics providers, so we can help and advise you on literally every stage of product development from design through to delivery, all absolutely free-of-charge.

This includes advice on:

  • The optimal foam or rubber grade for your product
  • Sourcing raw materials
  • The most suitable manufacturing processes
  • Retail packaging
  • Logistics
  • Launching and marketing your new product.

Tried and trusted

We don't ever think of ourselves as working "for" product developers; instead, we work in partnership with people to build effective and, more importantly, trusting relationships.

We understand that your product ideas are priceless and therefore need to be protected, which is why we offer complete and total confidentiality when you deal with us. We are more than happy to enter into a confidentiality agreement with you, so that we can have open, honest discussions to help you to develop your new product to its full potential.

At Technical Foam Services we don't believe in problems, only challenges; so if your concept is a possibility then we'll make it a reality.

With your ideas and our expertise, together we can shape the future in foam and rubber.

Download the confidentiality agreement.