Soundproofing Foam

soundproofing foam

Our soundproofing foam is processed and engineered to provide effective noise reduction tailored to your specific domestic or industrial environment. As leading foam suppliers in the UK, we can provide the widest range of acoustic foam tiles on the market.

Here are just some of the applications our noise reduction foam is ideal for:

  • Compressors and generators
  • Air conditioning units
  • Engine protection in automotive and rail industries
  • Ceiling and wall tiles in industrial, office and domestic environments
  • Suspended absorbers for large rooms such as cinemas, theatres, school halls and exhibition rooms

How Does Sound Proof Foam Work?

Our soundproofing foam is created from polyurethane and melamine foams, as their open-cell natures trap sound waves effectively, providing the highest level of noise reduction. However, how we process and convert these foams is what makes the real difference in the level of sound absorption.

We can provide soundproofing foam in an extensive range of grades, compositions and thicknesses to offer an optimum level of noise reduction based on a situation. We can also supply soundproofing foam panels in different forms, such as:

  • Straight sheet
  • Cut parts
  • Egg box panels
  • Pyramid profiled panels

Foam Cutting

We cut each of our soundproof foam panels, parts and sheets to order to ensure that they meet each individual customer’s requirements every time.

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