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About Us

Our mission

High-quality, high-tech solutions with no-nonsense guidance, competitive pricing and 100% customer satisfaction. That’s our mission.”

Duncan Geddes, Business Manager

We want to solve your problem with a bespoke foam solution.

How we strive to achieve this

Vita Group

We are proud to be a member of the Vita Group which gives us access to hundreds of Vita grades of foam, along with many more from elsewhere around the world. We have built up excellent relationships with many global manufacturers of foam and rubber, so we can offer a more comprehensive range of foams, which in turn benefits our customers.

High-level hardware

Foam is light, soft and flexible – completely unlike rigid materials such as wood or metal. Machining foam often requires skill, patience, and considerable knowledge of the raw materials and machine capability. Our engineers and production operators are trained accordingly, and understand the importance of producing a quality product.

While our factory has all the standard foam cutting and laminating equipment, from band-knives, to die-cutting presses, we have developed our own unique range of machines to create different shapes and profiles. For example, we can cut foam to within 0.25 of a millimetre! This is what makes our company stand out in the foam industry: we can produce things that others can’t.


Key members of our team have many years’ experience in the foam industry – some of our key individuals have more than 30 years’ knowledge of foam!


As such, we bring together extensive knowledge of the raw materials with high-level engineering expertise. We know about technical foam materials, we know how to convert it to meet your needs, and we can build and modify the machines to execute it.


Each customer and their request is unique and we approach our business the same way with a bespoke, tailored approach. That’s why we understand the importance of building close relationships with our customers: we need to understand your precise needs so we can determine the right solution, every time. Nothing’s off-the-shelf.

For all new enquiries
Contact our Sales Manager, Ross Thurlow:

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Or call Ross directly at: +44 (0)7718 619250

Our products

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Product range


Or click here to read about our expertise in foam and complementary materials such as wood and plastics.

Our expertise

Stock, speed and access

It has been a strategic decision to hold very high levels of stock, so we offer a wider range of materials and can turn orders around quicker than our competitors. Whatever foam you need, we probably have it in stock. Also, our factory is open eighteen hours a day (6am until midnight), giving our production department the opportunity to regularly review and update our production schedules.



Technical Foam Services is the first UK-based foam converter to be awarded all three ISO certificates: ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety.

We are a first-tier rated supplier to Tesco and achieved a Blue Tesco audit rating from our recent 2019 external audit.

Technical Foam Services is happy to co-operate with any audit your quality department may want to carry out.

Our expertise

Some of our experts

To deliver great customer service, our expertise doesn’t stop at foam itself. We have experienced personnel in sales, production, engineering, quality, health and safety and accounts to ensure every aspect of your experience with us exceeds expectation.

Everyone who works at Technical Foam Services brings an important and unique skill set. Here are a few:

Duncan Geddes

Global foam and raw materials knowledge, always thinking about how the company can maintain its key strengths while, at the same time, continually grow, thrive and prosper in the future. Surrounds himself with great people.

Ross Thurlow

An expert at understanding customer requirements, continually helping key customers whilst getting a real buzz from looking into new enquiries.

Tom Wallace

Building bespoke machines and tooling for new customers. The best engineer in the foam industry, and loves a challenge with new projects

Przemyslaw Gorecki

Purchasing, planning, scheduling, re-scheduling, and re-scheduling again. Mr Flexible….
Hannah Ward

Hannah Ward

Hannah oversees our customer communication, in addition to being our Mental Health first-aider.

Hannah Hawken

All about the customer service and support!

David Hood

Quality, health & safety, environmental, staff training, a man with many skills who loves being audited – honest!
Mainly sales based, but with extensive production knowledge. One smart lady

Kintija Cabule

Mainly sales based, but with extensive production knowledge. One smart lady.

Gina Plowright

HR, pay-roll, credit-control, receptionist, and the go-to lady for all of us.

Greg Blood

Accountant. Pays all the staff and suppliers, so arguably the most important guy in the company!
Ilona Grigorjev

Ilona Grigorjev

AAT qualified, it’s all about the numbers with Ilona, she’s just crazy about accounts!
Andrzej Rudzinski

Andrzej Rudzinski

Just loves fixing, tinkering, building anything. A very clever guy.

David Proctor

Been selling foam for 30 years, just mad about it. Proper foam geek!

Combination is key

A few examples of complex solutions we have created for customers:



Surface-profiled polishing pads for a leading car care company, which included milling out different shapes to allow for the creation of perfect finishes on the painted surface


Multi-layered filters for a leading producer of high-performance filters for auto sport, using a range of reticulated foams with porosities that ranged from course 10ppi (pores per inch) foam up to 100pore per inch foam


A water foam filter for a manufacturer of domestic products, which included getting foam WRAS tested

Our customers


68% of our primary customers have worked with us for at least ten years. Longer relationships mean a deeper understanding of clients’ needs, so we get better at delivering what you want.

Read our case studies

Who we work with:

We are a B2B company and do not supply domestic products to the public. Key markets we supply into are:

• Acoustic
• Sport
• Medical
• Military
• Heavy industry
• European manufacturing
• Automotive

Clients include

  • Tesco plc
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Aston Martin

Our network

Range and pricing

Due to our independence and ability to produce raw materials from around the world, our range of foams is one of the country’s largest. Our reputation and presence within the foam industry also means we have the purchasing strength to negotiate the best prices for raw materials, which in turn benefits our customers.

Access to supply chain

For specific, larger projects, and where necessary, we enter a three-way relationship between the foam block manufacturer, ourselves and you. We frequently enter into confidential agreements in such projects. We are also happy to work within your company’s non-disclosure agreements.

Our history

Technical Foam Services Ltd was established in 1990, and since then we have steadily grown to fill a 25,000 sq ft factory full of specialist equipment and stock. We are now recognised as the market leader in the specialist foam industry.

The success of our business is centred on offering the combination of expert material knowledge and specialist conversion – creating the right solution for the customer because we understand how foam behaves! We continue to remain focused on our key strengths and abilities, converting foam for your needs.

Now we’re stronger than ever, producing more than eight million parts per year, for around three hundred clients.

If you want any more information or have questions about Technical Foam Services, why not give us a call?

+44 (0)1536 443000