Creating an Employee Engagement Strategy


In June 2017 we began our journey to create an engagement strategy to further motivate and enthuse our team at Technical Foam Services. We convert foam into a fabulous range of products, some of which you may well have in your own home. Following a buy-out, I spotted opportunities to further grow the business from our […]

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Technical Foam works with Elementary Sciences


Over the previous six months, Technical Foam Services has been working with Elementary Sciences to produce foam inserts to hold experiments. When we were approached by Michelle at Elementary Sciences, we knew from the beginning we wanted to be involved with a project that helps encourage young children to get creative with science, so after […]

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Aston Martin use our foam pads!


Classic car production has restarted at the Aston Martin factory in Buckinghamshire, and they use our pads! Take a look at the video by clicking here. Further information about polishing pads is available from our Sales Team.  

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Technical Foam Services achieves ISO14001:2015!


For the previous few months, Technical Foam Services has been working towards the ISO14001 Environment Management certification. We have always been an environmentally aware company, recycling where possible and grading our suppliers via a questionnaire but as everything in life, there is always room for improvement. The steps we are taking now compared to what […]

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Technical Foam Services announces work with Solar Buddies


Technical Foam Services, the UK’s leading convertor of specialist quality foam materials, are proud to announce that we are now working with Solar Buddies in the production of their child-friendly sunscreen applicator. Part of the Auriella Ltd family, Solar Buddies was launched in 2015 and is the first invention from Laura Griffin and Kelli Aspland, […]

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TFS make inroads into America – Foam Expo 2017


The foam industry has never had an entire exhibition dedicated to it in the past, so when we were approached by the UK exhibition company – Smarter Shows, at the beginning of 2016, we were intrigued by their plans to host the first ever exhibition in our industry. Their plan was for it to be […]

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“The Sound of Music”


As a leading producer of acoustic foam, we are driven by our passion for music and helping to produce great sound. This passion is something we looked to capture in the production of the “Sound of Music” infographic below. The recording studio offers a freedom of expression and collaboration away from the public eye that […]

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PU Foams in Sport and Leisure Applications


Several kinds of polyurethanes are of commercial significance and can be conveniently classified as follows – flexible foams, rigid foams, elastomers, fibres and moulding compositions, surface coatings and adhesives. Today polyurethane foams are used in a wide variety of applications due to their versatility, lightweight, durability, ease of processing and cost efficiency. One area that […]

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We Are Exhibiting at Foam Expo 2017


We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Foam Expo 2017 exhibition, in Novi, Michigan, USA, between 28th February and 2nd March 2017. Foam Expo is North America’s first free-to-attend exhibition and conference for the technical foam industry. The exhibition will unite manufacturers and buyers of technical foam materials, products and […]

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How does soundproofing foam work?


Asking how acoustic foam works is usually an invitation for a barrage of jargon, science and misinformation, with a minimum entry requirement of a PhD in physics and an unhealthy interest in manufacturing processes. Luckily for you, we’re going to cut through all the noise and tell you exactly what you need to know about […]

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How to soundproof a room


So, you’re looking to soundproof a room? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re reading this then the chances are you need advice on how to block out unwanted sound, whether it’s soundproofing an industrial building or setting up a professional recording studio. Most people associate soundproofing with recording studios, but the truth is […]

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The “Magic Sponge”


How foam helps our sporting heroes break records not bones One YouTube trip through the superb footage of Ayrton Senna racing a Formula One car and you will see just how free and exposed the Brazilian is in his cockpit. Think back to the high jump at school, and the thought of landing in a […]

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Factors Influencing the Cell Structure of Flexible PU Foam


Polyurethane foams are produced by forming a polyurethane based polymer concurrently with a gas evolution process. Provided these two processes are balanced, bubbles of gas are trapped in the polymer matrix and a cellular product results with the cells having a polyhedral type structure. Thus when considering the formation of a polymeric foam several factors […]

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What is UL94v-0? UL94v-0 is a fire standard set by UL – an American worldwide safety consulting and certification company headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. UL94v-0 is used to determine the flammability of a specified material. Why we test and measure to UL94v-0? UL94v-0 is tested and measured to allow engineers to understand the flammability characteristics […]

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UV Stability of Polyurethane Foam


Polyurethane foams which are based on aromatic isocyanates will all exhibit various shades of yellowing when exposed to light i.e. to ultra violet radiation. Yellowing is a surface effect and has no significant effect on the physical properties of the foam. The degree of yellowing depends on the intensity of the radiation. Ultra violet radiation […]

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New Live Chat Feature


Technical Foam Services are pleased to announce that our website now has a live chat feature. We feel that this will allow us to communicate on a personal basis to our visitors, and enable them to receive instant feedback. The live chat will be accessible during office working hours Monday – Thursday 8am – 4.30pm […]

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Graphite Foam


Flexible polyurethane (PU) foam because of its relatively low cost and attractive property profile is used in a variety of applications such as automotive seating, transportation, upholstery and bedding, packaging and medical applications. However, due to its low density and open cellular structure PU foam has a large surface area and high air permeability and […]

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Sealing Foams


Various types of materials are used as sealing and gasket materials in a number of sectors, some of which are:- Automotive, Aerospace and Aeronautics, Transportation, Biotechnology, Chemical Industry, Construction Industry, Electronics, Food and Beverages, Oil and Gas, Water treatment, Pharmaceuticals, etc. One class of materials that find use in various sealing and gasket applications are […]

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A new era at Technical Foam Services.


With a new era dawning at Technical Foam Services, Managing Director Duncan Geddes is confident that the future of the company is in good hands. Founded in 1987, and subsequently acquired in 2005 by Duncan and his former business partner Hamer Francis, Technical Foam Services is a Corby based engineering firm that specializes in producing […]

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Liquids which flow freely such as petrol, paraffin, alcohol and water are said to be mobile whilst those that do not easily flow such as treacle, honey, glycerine and lubricating oils are called viscous. The property of resistance to flow in fluids is called viscosity. Elasticity is the ability of a material to return to […]

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What is Basotect® melamine foam?


Amino polymers are defined as polymers formed by the interaction of amines or amides with aldehydes, the two most common amino polymers are urea-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde. Basotect® (BASF registered trademark) is an open celled melamine-formaldehyde foam. Melamine is produced by heating urea in the presence of ammonia at high temperatures and pressures. The reaction involves […]

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Technical Foam Services is going green for 2016!


Technical Foam Services Ltd currently holds the ISO9001 Quality Management System certification from the BSI. To enable us to drive improvements of our environmental impacts, Technical Foam Services is committed to obtain ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification during 2016. Our team is ever conscious of how our aspects and impacts affect our working environment and […]

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Polyether polyols having molecular weights between 2000 and 7000 are used for the production of polyether polyurethane foams. They are produced by adding propylene oxide and ethylene oxide to triols and/or diols. By varying the functionality of the starter alcoholic mixture it is possible to optimise the desired properties of the foams manufactured. One class […]

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A polymer may be defined as a large molecule comprised of repeating structual units. The word POLYMER is derived from the Greek word of poly meaning many, and meros meaning part. A large molecule is usually regarded as one having at least a molecular weight of 1000. The term MACROMOLECULE means a large molecule and […]

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Some Properties of Polyurethane Foams


The characteristics of flexible polyurethane (PU) foams are predominantly determined by the starting materials and the formulations used in their manufacture. Commercial polyurethane foams are nominally manufactured within a density range of 15 to 80kg/m3. The choice of density that a foam converter uses for a particular application will be determined by the end use […]

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Sound reduction foam for local cafeteria


Last month we assisted a client in deadening noise within a busy cafeteria that has an adjoining flat. The architect and builders who are renovating the cafe, had a problem with the owner of the flat who complained that the noise coming from the cafe would cause a lot of problems.The builder contacted Technical Foam […]

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What is polyurethane foam?


Polyurethanes can be defined as polymers which contain urethane groups NH CO O in the main polymer chain. Several types of polyurethanes PU are commercially significant and can be classified, Flexible foams, Rigid foams, Elastomers, Fibres, Moulding compositions, Surface coatings and Adhesives. The first commercial polyurethane foams were developed in 1950 by Bayer in Germany, […]

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Factors influencing effectiveness of Sound Absorbing foams.


Airflow, cell size and density, are the main factors influencing the effectiveness of sound absorption in acoustic foams(aka sound deadening foams). Increasing the cell count (ie the number of cells per 25mm of length) of the foam improves the sound absorption at all frequencies. The acoustic absorptivity a specifies the ratio of un-reflected sound in […]

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Foam Inserts


This week Technical Foam Services have secured a contract to produce foam inserts to package a very high end set of products (kitchen silver cutlery). The orginal enquiry from the client requested a very complex insert providing various depths of apertures. With Technical Foam Services vast knowledge of different grades of foam and foam processes, […]

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Reticulated foam cone


Our Engineering Department are constantly being challenged. A couple of weeks ago we received an enquiry for open-cell filtration foam, to be shaped into a cone with a central hole. The product is being used as a water filter, so after discussions with the client we recommended they use 45ppi Blue polyether reticulated foam. The […]

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Technical Foam Services NEW exciting project!!!


Technical Foam Services this week, have successfully created a new business relationship creating new seals for Robots. The existing problem the client had initially faced, has been solved by the Technical Foam Services foam engineering team and foam innovation team. By using a soft EPDM material, and a self adhesive tape backing, this seal will […]

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New Partnership with TMP Technologies


PRESS RELEASE Technical Foam Services, the UK leading convertor of specialist quality foam materials, are pleased to announce they have formed a partnership with the US company TMP Technologies. Primarily working with the Foam Sciences Division, Technical Foam Services will be focusing on developing new markets and applications for Foam Sciences core material Capu-cell Hydrophilic […]

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Sound-proofing panels for Opticians store


This weeks novel project for us was to manufacture a set of eight dual-purpose wall panels, each 2.4 metres long x 1.2 mtres wide. Using 50mm thick white basotect melamine foam, surface and edge covered with a cream leather fabric, each panel is then flash-cut with 240 holes (120 pairs), which will hold specatacles that […]

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How density has such a big impact on foam conversion


How density has such a big impact on foam conversion Flexible polyurethane open-cell foam is manufactured in a wide range of densities. This is due to the huge number of different applications that foam is used within, ranging from washing up sponges and bath sponges, up to heavy-duty packaging and mattresses. Within Europe, the lowest […]

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Disposing of Scrap Foam


Within the foam industry, the disposal of scrap foam is becoming an increasingly important subject for both the manufacturers and convertors of polyurethane foam. Foam is inherently a volumetric, but light-weight material, so what methods are there to dispose of scrap foam? Flexible polyurethane foams were originally developed during World War II, for use as […]

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