Over the previous six months, Technical Foam Services has been working with Elementary Sciences to produce foam inserts to hold experiments. When we were approached by Michelle at Elementary Sciences, we knew from the beginning we wanted to be involved with a project that helps encourage young children to get creative with science, so after a lengthy meeting at our Corby factory we had decided on a design layout. We also came up with the idea of using coloured nylons to make the foam look more vibrant. From there we allocated each box a nylon colour with the Water box showing the blue and Earth being green.

Their Earth and Water boxes are complete and being sold on Not on the High Street.

Further information about foam inserts is available from our Sales Manager – Ross Thurlow at rthurlow@technicalfoamservices.co.uk



Classic car production has restarted at the Aston Martin factory in Buckinghamshire, and they use our pads!

Take a look at the video by clicking here.

Further information about polishing pads is available from our Sales Team.


For the previous few months, Technical Foam Services has been working towards the ISO14001 Environment Management certification. We have always been an environmentally aware company, recycling where possible and grading our suppliers via a questionnaire but as everything in life, there is always room for improvement. The steps we are taking now compared to what we were doing in 2016 have changed dramatically. We planned to reduce, eliminate and control the impacts that we make as a company to the environment whilst also preventing any risks or incidents occurring. We all feel we have a moral obligation to protect our surroundings and what better way to do it than comply with the legislation put in place by our government. A few other ways we planned to reduce our impact is to switch off our lights when the room is not in use, reduce emissions and therefore having a positive effect on global warming and to recycle where possible.

So far we have improved by segregating and recycling our waste and creating an environment committee where regular meetings take place. A lot of our scrap foam is sent to a nearby company and used as carpet underlay but there are certain materials that they will not take. Due to this reason, we have purchased a small baler to compact the scrap foam that cannot be recycled. This little improvement means we can fit more waste into our skip therefore we do not have to get it emptied as often which reduces our carbon footprint. Throughout 2018 we will continue to widen our knowledge of the environment and improve where possible.

A copy of our ISO14001 certificate can be found here.

Further information is available from our Quality and Environment Manager – David Hood, DipSM, MIIRSM, MISQEM, AIEMA, RSP, at dhood@technicalfoamservices.co.uk

Having spent the last few years building a great reputation in the foam industry, Technical Foam Services are refusing to rest on their laurels.

Having a team of technical experts at the company managing sales, production, engineering, and quality control have helped to put TFS in a strong position. But TFS and their Managing Director, Duncan Geddes, are looking to build on this success to create a bright future. They want to ensure employees feel motivated to do their best and make sure deadlines are met, by valuing and implementing leadership and management skills as much as possible.

A recent article on allthingsbusiness.co.uk has featured Technical Foam Services and their efforts in recent months to develop improved skills through a range of training workshops hosted by Beyond Theory. Duncan is pleased that the results are already beginning to show:

“I quickly spotted that we all needed to grow as a team. Meeting our customers’ demands is vital to our success. Our margin for error is low. This means that everyone needs to be engaged to meet and look to exceed customer expectations”, said Duncan.

“Our investment is paying off. The potential of our team at TFS is enormous. As the team grow, our business will grow. The future is looking very bright for our company and our people alike. We are and will continue to be the future of foam.”

To read the article in full, click here

Technical Foam Services, the UK’s leading convertor of specialist quality foam materials, are proud to announce that we are now working with Solar Buddies in the production of their child-friendly sunscreen applicator.

Part of the Auriella Ltd family, Solar Buddies was launched in 2015 and is the first invention from Laura Griffin and Kelli Aspland, who were named Wales’ Start-up Entrepreneurs’ of the Year for their work on the product.

The applicator was originally designed to help teachers safely apply sun lotion to students without breaching rules around personal contact. It has since become a popular and innovative device for parents across the country.

Taking a baby or toddler to the beach is a challenge without worrying about sunburn, and applying it can often result in a struggle. With the Solar Buddies applicator, sun cream can be rolled on quickly and easily so that families can focus on enjoying days out.

To help develop awareness among children, Solar Buddies have visited schools across the country to encourage Sun Safety by awarding certificates to Solar Safe Schools.

With our vast knowledge of foam and foam processes, Technical Foam Services have produced the foam element of the applicator and look forward to continuing our work with Laura and Kelli on the Solar Buddies project in the future.

For further enquiries, please contact Duncan Geddes on mailto:dgeddes@technicalfoamservices.co.uk or telephone 01536 443000.

TFS make inroads into America – Foam Expo 2017

The foam industry has never had an entire exhibition dedicated to it in the past, so when we were approached by the UK exhibition company – Smarter Shows, at the beginning of 2016, we were intrigued by their plans to host the first ever exhibition in our industry.

Their plan was for it to be held in Michigan, USA, during March 2017, and they wanted to know if we’d consider exhibiting. We have previously supported our customers by assisting them with their own stands at niche engineering and industrial materials exhibitions, but we have never hosted our own.

We’ve been trading since 1989, and although we have a very good knowledge of the European foam industry, we recognise that there are also many other manufacturers of foam type materials in the world (based in America, Far East etc.) with whom we could work with in the future.

We decided to grasp the opportunity and treat Foam Expo as a key networking and brand awareness project. Therefore, we decided to place a major emphasis upon the traditional British nature of our company, focusing upon our key strengths of working with a wide range of conversion machinery and real engineering background. The Union Jack was to be a prominent part of our stand: “Come and Do Business in the UK” was our call-to-arms!

During the twelve months leading up to the exhibition, we kept a keen eye on the list of other exhibitors. To our surprise, no other UK or European foam convertor was attending, which we saw as great news because it would make us stand out even more within the exhibition halls.

The three-day event finally took place during early March 2017 and was a great success. Our distinctive British nature really stood out. In fact, we and the exhibition organisers – Smarter Shows, were the only English companies there.

Many of the American visitors commented on how typical it was that it took an English exhibition company to organise the American foam market, so full marks to Smarter Shows for having the innovation and foresight to set the event up. The feedback they received from the exhibitors and visitors was so positive that Foam Expo 2018 is already almost fully booked!

From our perspective, we achieved everything we set out to do. We met many key individuals with whom we can now develop much deeper and more beneficial relationships. It also gave us the chance to compare useful experiences with American foam convertors, and we had such a diverse range of people visiting our stand. It was fantastic to receive such positive feedback.

There were several visitors from US manufacturing companies who have UK subsidiaries, and who therefore need a local foam supplier in the UK (rather than import from the States), so we will likely develop some new business on the back of the show too.

However, as our main goal was to broaden the industry’s awareness of our good-old English company, we certainly managed to do this.

We really value the support we receive from suppliers and customers alike, so as our business grows in the future, Foam Expo 2017 really helped us take a step forward.

My thanks to everybody who attended our stand to meet us, and to all the other exhibitors who gave us their time by introducing their materials and processes to us – it really was a great exhibition.

Managing Director of Technical Foam Services, Duncan Geddes

As a leading producer of acoustic foam, we are driven by our passion for music and helping to produce great sound. This passion is something we looked to capture in the production of the “Sound of Music” infographic below.

The recording studio offers a freedom of expression and collaboration away from the public eye that live performance cannot always imitate. On stage, inspiration might result in special moments, but they are gone in a flash. Within the safe confines of a studio, artists do not need to bottle lightning as they are free to cultivate and refine their ideas until they match their vision.

Of course, it is not always that easy. A recording session might begin with a rough demo track and end with upturned bins used for percussion, microphones taped to the floor, or drums set up in the stairwell. This is a space for experimentation in search of the “perfect sound”.


The search for this elusive “perfect sound” seldom means a clean recording. After days, weeks, or even months of work, it is just as likely to be a misheard lyric, a mistake, or a strange sound on the recording that will be remembered as much as the song itself.

The Van Halen instrumental “Eruption” is a great example as it wasn’t planned. Eddie was simply rehearsing for a live performance and the producer chose to record him. The track is widely regarded as one of the greatest solos of all time, but a mistake at the start of the track annoys Eddie to this day.


For the purist, the recording studio experience is about fine-tuning the syncopation between sound and message to build a resonant atmosphere on the finished track… but sometimes the producer might just ask the vocalist to sing through a cardboard tube! Bruce Swedien, a producer famous for his work with Quincy Jones, did exactly that to Michael Jackson. The result? The “don’t think twice” vocal sections in the song “Billie Jean.”


Whether the session is in a traditional studio, on a living room floor, or in the middle of a field, the primary aim is to capture the creativity of the performers. To do this effectively it is important to have the right equipment. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending thousands, but it does demand high quality materials, from acoustic foam to cables, as even the finest instruments will only sound as good as the equipment they are used with.

Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” is famous for being a home recording. The pair of microphones he used were low budget, but certainly not lacking in quality, as the master cassette (yes, a standard blank cassette) of the record would have been unusable without them.

Happy accidents

For all the craft and creativity, one of the greatest joys of recording music is when an unintended sound results in an incredible moment. The unmistakable swelling feedback at the beginning of The Beatles’ “I feel fine” is a perfect example of an accident that became iconic, but also that artistic awareness is still required to commit to an unusual sound, rather than simply re-recording the section.

As the infographic demonstrates, whether deliberate or accidental, the task of capturing the best sound is nothing new. From Elvis to Queen, the greatest artists of all time have taken on this challenge, and it is a task that future generations will continue to tackle with creativity, innovation and, sometimes, a little bit of good fortune.

An infographic about how sounds were recorded in famous songs


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