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New Partnership with TMP Technologies

Duncan Geddes

by Duncan Geddes


Technical Foam Services, the UK leading convertor of specialist quality foam materials, are pleased to announce they have formed a partnership with the US company TMP Technologies.

Primarily working with the Foam Sciences Division, Technical Foam Services will be focusing on developing new markets and applications for Foam Sciences core material Capu-cell Hydrophilic Foam. This semi-closed cell foam has unique properties, allowing it to absorb up to 15 times its weight in fluids. What particularly interests Technical Foam Services, is that Capu-cell  is produced in block form (rather than the traditional peeled thin roll form), which provides Technical Foam Services with the opportunity to convert it into 3D shaped components at their Corby based factory.

Technical Foam Services have seen continued year-on-year growth for the last few years, driven by our ability to work closely with blue-chip OEM types companies whilst developing new foam based products. With a huge emphasis upon raw material knowledge, along with engineering expertise and bespoke machinery, the company is ideally placed to attract new business for specialist foams.

Joint Managing Director – Duncan Geddes, said ‘We pride ourselves on holding a huge range of quality polyurethane and polyethylene foams in stock, which we convert using a wide variety of machinery. In recent years we have been receiving an increasing number of new enquiries for Hydrophilic Foams, for industrial and retail applications, and the Capu-cell™  material is perfect for these applications. We are really excited about working with TMP Technologies, as we know that together we can enjoy success within Europe for their materials. We will be stock-holding in Corby, allowing us to respond quickly to new enquiries, and able to manufacture full orders promptly for despatch around the UK and Europe.

Technical information on Capu-cell™  is available on

For further enquiries, please contact Duncan Geddes on or telephone 01536 443000.

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