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Sound-proofing panels for Opticians store

Duncan Geddes

by Duncan Geddes

This weeks novel project for us was to manufacture a set of eight dual-purpose wall panels, each 2.4 metres long x 1.2 mtres wide. Using 50mm thick white basotect melamine foam, surface and edge covered with a cream leather fabric, each panel is then flash-cut with 240 holes (120 pairs), which will hold specatacles that protrude at 75 degrees. The concept being that the panels act as both a display stand for the spectacles, and also become sound-proofing panels inside the store which help reduce noise and so improve the shopping experience for the consumer.

Each panel was cut and laminated very carefully by our skilled production staff, who took great care over the final appearance of each one. Sound proofing foams, also known as acoustic foams, make up a good percentage of our regular business, so we had the knowledge to identify basotect melamine foam as the most suitable material. It was selected due to it’s good noise absorption properties, Class ‘O’ Non-flammability rating, and also it’s lightweight structure. The foam and fabric covered panels are mounted onto the wall of the store using mechanical fixings, assisted with a self-adhesive tape that we applied to the rear. The leather surface was sourced in conjunction with the London based design company, who had a specific quality in mind that complemented their prestigious range of spectacles.

This was an un-usual project, demanding a real focus upon the foam cutting and foam lamination. Both the client and ourselves were really pleased with the outcome, in what is truly a new application for sound-proofing foam panels!

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