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Technical Foam Services continue to build their own future – by investing in people

Duncan Geddes

by Duncan Geddes

Having spent the last few years building a great reputation in the foam industry, Technical Foam Services are refusing to rest on their laurels.

Having a team of technical experts at the company managing sales, production, engineering, and quality control have helped to put TFS in a strong position. But TFS and their Managing Director, Duncan Geddes, are looking to build on this success to create a bright future. They want to ensure employees feel motivated to do their best and make sure deadlines are met, by valuing and implementing leadership and management skills as much as possible.

A recent article on has featured Technical Foam Services and their efforts in recent months to develop improved skills through a range of training workshops hosted by Beyond Theory. Duncan is pleased that the results are already beginning to show:

“I quickly spotted that we all needed to grow as a team. Meeting our customers’ demands is vital to our success. Our margin for error is low. This means that everyone needs to be engaged to meet and look to exceed customer expectations”, said Duncan.

“Our investment is paying off. The potential of our team at TFS is enormous. As the team grow, our business will grow. The future is looking very bright for our company and our people alike. We are and will continue to be the future of foam.”

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