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I continue to enjoy a fruitful relationship with Technical Foam Services, as they are the manufacturer of my product, and would certainly recommend them to any other budding inventor of a foam based product.

Bath sponge innovator

Bath Sponge Foam

In 2007, I invented a new type of bathing sponge, which was to be produced in a specific type of soft polyurethane foam and shaped in a particular style. I approached several UK foam companies, none of whom seemed to be interested in my product, until I spoke to Technical Foam Services. They were fantastic right from the outset, as soon as I signed their NDA they immediately sent samples of suitable foam grades and gave me expert advice as to what was practical from a foam converting perspective. They were also very useful in terms of general advice with the costing and margins of retail products, as they had been a supplier to Tesco and Sainsbury’s for many years. Finally, they guided me through the process of retail packing, which was very helpful. My product is now firmly established in Mothercare, John Lewis and Boots, and I am truly grateful for their support.”

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