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That has become a true global success. Invented several years ago by Kevin Moseley, he identified that traditional swimming aids did not actually teach the child who was learning to swim, how to swim properly with the correct posture. Kevin had been a swimming instructor for many years, and he became increasingly frustrated with this issue, so decided to resolve the problem himself.

After a great deal of experimenting with both size and shape, he settled upon the final profile of the SwimFin which when strapped to the back of the child, allowed them to swim horizontally and freely (still using their arms and legs). With the correct posture, the child also gained the confidence to keep their chin up and out of the water. Kevin knew that closed cell polyethylene foam was the best material to make the SwimFin from, as it could be cut and moulded to any size, in varying densities and numerous colours. It was important that to maximise the sales potential of SwimFin, it was available in bright, attractive colours, and manufactured within tight tolerances.

To determine the best global manufacturing route, Kevin contacted Duncan Geddes, a recognised expert in the foam manufacturing industry. Duncan advised Kevin throughout the start-up process, helping determine the exact grade of closed cell polyethylene foam required, EVA based, and with his knowledge of the retail sector Duncan was also about to give Kevin useful information concerning appropriate retail packing, logistics and online sales.

SwimFin has been endorsed by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) in the UK and is the only swimming aid to win their approval. The ASAs swimming experts have examined and tested SwimFin and classed it as ‘an outstanding product worthy of accreditation’. SwimFin also complies with life-jacket standards and international safety (ISO) regulations EN13138 and EN71.

SwimFin has won many awards, such as UK Trade and Investments Exports Awards, and continues to grow year-on-year.

Duncan Geddes says – ‘Technical Foam Services have been really impressed with Kevin’s drive and enthusiasm, and congratulate him on the global success of SwimFin. We would welcome the opportunity from any product designer or inventor to help develop the next exciting product made from EVA based foam, as we have the ability to manufacture and convert technical closed cell foams into a wide range of industrial and retail products at our Corby based factory’.

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