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Egg Crate Foam

egg crate foam

Choosing the right packaging medium is vital for OEMs and suppliers when transporting goods, as products that are damaged in transit not only cause financial losses for the manufacturer, they also lead to a loss of confidence when customers have to deal with shortfalls and missing items in their consignments due to broken components or products.

But safely shipping goods that are not a standard “box” shape can prove more difficult as the goods tend to move around and therefore break more easily. In such circumstances, egg crate foam packaging provides the perfect solution for a vast array of products, providing superior cushioning and impact protection than flat foam products or other packaging materials.

As the leading engineering-biased foam manufacturer and converter in the UK, Technical Foam Services offers a huge selection of egg crate packaging foams. We provide bespoke, highly effective, protective solutions to suit a vast range of different shaped products, thus ensuring they arrive at their destination in tip-top condition.

Ergonomic appeal

Produced from high cushioning, open cell polyurethane foam, our egg crate packaging foam is processed to create a convoluted surface consisting of continuous peaks and troughs, which produce a larger surface area and improved protection. As a result, even non-uniform shaped goods are kept in a static position thus preventing them from being damaged.

Often used in a “sandwich” solution, whereby products are packed between two sheets of egg crate foam, the protective surface interlocks around the product to improve stability and reduce movement even further, thus providing a flexible wall of protection that literally envelops the goods.

In addition to its protective and impact absorption properties, egg crate foam is also soft and non-abrasive thus providing the perfect packaging solution for even the most delicate and sensitive goods. As a result, it is often the material of choice for packaging electronic goods and components and other technical equipment.

Fit for purpose

Our egg crate packaging foams are a lightweight, flexible and cost-effective packaging solution, and are available in a wide range of grades, densities and profile shapes; therefore, we can ensure that we can always provide the optimum grade to meet your exact needs for a wide variety of packaging applications.

Furthermore, with our outstanding in-house engineering capabilities and profound understanding of the performance levels of different foam grades and densities, we can produce bespoke egg crate foam packaging solutions to meet your precise criteria and requirements.

Based on the products for which you require a packaging solution, our expert in-house technical staff can specify the optimum egg crate foam for your needs in terms of thickness, density and the level of profiling. Our engineers can then, where necessary, design and manufacture bespoke tooling to produce profiled egg crate foam that meets your exact needs in terms of shape and size.

From simple egg crate packaging sheets right through to precision CNC cut egg crate packaging inserts engineered to provide a bespoke fit for specific products, we offer the widest choice of both standard and bespoke egg crate foam packaging available.

For a competitive quote and to discuss your individual requirements, contact our technical team.

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