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Foam inserts

foam inserts

At Technical Foam Services, we can supply an extensive range of both polyurethane (PU) and polyethylene (PE) foam inserts, including black and fabric faced foams, which are designed to offer the optimum level of protection in a lightweight, durable form. Therefore, they can ensure that delicate and valuable belongings remain protected, even in the toughest conditions..

A snug fit

As a leading provider of foam cut to size, we pride ourselves on being able to develop and produce foam products in any shape or size to meet even the most demanding specifications.

With vast converting capabilities, we are able to produce both open-cell polyurethane die-cut foam and routed or water jet cut closed-cell polyethylene, to ensure that whatever the contents or product, we can supply the right insert to meet all the necessary requirements in terms of fit and protection.

Case foam inserts


Case insert foams play an important role on two different levels: protection and presentation. For this reason, they are a vital component of any packaging solution.

Imagine opening a jewellery case to find a necklace tangled in a ball at the bottom of the box, or a new camera rolling around in its case and having to root around to find the charger or lens. Case insert foams ensure that goods not only remain protected and in pristine condition, they also enable manufacturers to present them in their very best light, thus encouraging consumers to purchase them.

Whether you need thousands of inserts to hold the tiniest pair of earrings or a single, bespoke case insert to fit bulky camera equipment in a flight case, we can provide the ideal solution that meets your needs perfectly, in terms of size, quantity, shape, materials and, importantly, your budget.

Black inserts

Dedicated to supplying high performance goods that meet our customers’ precise specifications, Technical Foam Services is one of the few foam manufacturers that can convert and supply black foam inserts.

While many foam manufacturers are only able to offer the more readily available dark grey inserts, we can supply grey and black die-cut foam inserts in both polyurethane and polyethylene varieties.

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