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High Density Foam


high density foam

When high-value heavier products and equipment need to be transported, selecting the correct packaging foam is vital to ensure both protection and impact absorption. In such situations, a high-density foam provides the optimum solution.These closed-cell foams combine heavy-duty performance, superior high load bearing (HLB) capacity and impact protection, all in a lightweight, thin foam..

As the leading UK-based manufacturer and converter of high-density protective packaging foams, we stock a wide range of HLB high-density foams in the most advanced closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene materials, including Plastazote, Evazote and Alveolit.

Combined with our outstanding engineering prowess and state-of-the-art UK facilities, we are able to produce high-density packaging foams in an array of sizes and shapes to meet the precise requirements of a wide spectrum of applications. These include solutions for re-usable transportation packaging, moisture sensitive electronic components and state-of-the-art medical and military equipment, to name just a few.

Protection that lasts


Due to the uniform cellular structure of closed-cell and high-density foams, the products we manufacture provide a high level of protection that lasts. Flexible and durable, these materials continue to provide a superior level of impact protection and shock absorption over a sustained period, recovering from the impact each time while still providing complete protection to the goods inside.

In addition to shock absorption closed-cell high-density foams, we also offer other advantages for sensitive and fragile goods packaging. These include:

  • Anti-static properties – this is particularly relevant in packaging for electrical goods and components and for products that will be transported by air.
  • Flexibility – enabling precision shaping and therefore a custom fit to be achieved, even for the most complex goods.
  • UV, chemical and moisture resistance, and flame retardant – closed-cell, high-density foams provide complete protection that far exceeds mere shock absorption. They are also fire retardant, non-corrosive and totally odourless, thus providing a completely safe and neutral environment for light, moisture and chemically sensitive objects.
  • Re-usability and recyclability – offering a long-term, high-quality solution that is a more environmentally-friendly option compared with other solutions. As closed-cell foams can more easily be reused and recycled, opting for high-density foam is also extremely cost-effective.

In the thick of it


With unrivalled experience and engineering expertise in the field of high-density packaging foams, we are at the forefront in terms of our design, development and production capabilities. With a vast selection of high-density foams in stock, spanning a wide range of thicknesses and pore sizes, we also excel in the range of products we can manufacture. From water jet cutting and egg box profiling to custom designed sophisticated shapes, we are able to supply high-density foam products to meet even the most stringent specifications.

With an expert team of in-house engineers, state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced materials, we work with each individual client to design, develop, test and manufacture bespoke, high-density foam solutions that offer the optimum performance in terms of protection, weight, flexibility and durability.

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