Medical Foams

medical foams

Developing, processing and manufacturing foams for medical applications is a specialised field as there are many factors to consider – including performance, bio-compatibility, sterilisation and skin irritation.

With over two decades’ experience of supplying a wide range of medical grade foams, we have an outstanding reputation in the production of PVA, reticulated polyurethane (PU) and hydrophilic foams for a varied range of medical applications. These include:

  • Heat and Moisture Exchange (HME)
  • Wound dressings
  • Surgical aids
  • Medical supports and devices
  • Clean room swabs and wipes
  • Hydrophilic foams, sponges and surgical pads

HME foams

Used in a range of filter applications, we produce specialised heat and moisture exchange (HME) foams in both dry and calcium chloride impregnated forms.

Manufactured in medical grade reticulated polyurethane (PU), these foams are produced by blowing the cells open to create consistent and exact cell size, enabling precise control.

We can also supply composite HME foams with additional oxygen permeability, bacterial barriers and fluid management where required.

Wound dressing foams

We produce an expansive range of wound dressing foams, including PVA foams, hydrophilic foams, and state-of-the-art reticulated PU foams for use in negative pressure wound dressings.

Our range of PVA foams offers unique properties, ideal for dressing open and moist wounds. When damp, PVA foams are flexible and absorb fluids and bacteria, providing an effective dressing for open, bleeding or seeping wounds. However, when allowed to dry the foam hardens, allowing the wound to heal without adhering, and allowing easy removal.

Where a moist wound-healing environment is required, we also produce a wide range of non-adhering and non-linting hydrophilic foams, which provide comfort, protection and oxygen permeability.

For chronic and acute wounds, we also manufacture state-of-the-art open pore products for use in negative pressure treatments. Manufactured from highly flexible medical grade reticulated PU foams, these hydrophobic products have been developed to draw out bacteria and infection while also promoting cell healing and regeneration.

Supporting the medical profession

In addition to wound dressing, hydrophilic and HME foams, we also develop and manufacture a multitude of other medical foam products, such as splints, supports, pads and other devices produced in a wide selection of medical grade foams to meet all the required performance and technical standards.

A focus on detail

With a great understanding of the standard required for medical foam applications, Technical Foam Services is the ideal partner for all of your medical foam requirements.

We have an established written protocol for the conversion of medical foams, ensuring that our in-house processing always meets the most demanding standards. We also have a close relationship with accredited sterilisation specialists Micronclean, where our foams are cleaned following production, enabling us to offer a truly one-stop service – from product development right through to delivery of the finished product anywhere in the world.

Taking an individual approach to each customer, we can also produce composite and custom foams with added properties, such as anti-microbial and fluid management characteristics, as required, to ensure that you have the ideal foam product for your precise needs.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements with our technical team.

Medical Foams from Technical Foam Services

Here at Technical Foam Services, we provide a diverse range of medical foams for use in countless applications. We are committed to developing, processing and manufacturing medical foams which can be specified for various needs. So whether you need medical foams for performance or skin irritation, or sterilised foam and bi-compatibility foam products, we can help.

Special Graded HME Foams

We can provide HME (Heat and Moisture Exchange) foams in dry calcium chloride foams and impregnated calcium chloride foams. Our HME foams are manufactured using a medical grade of reticulated polyurethane. HME foams should ideally be used for medical breathing and anaesthesia equipment and systems; therefore, HME foams are a vital component for controlled oxygen and gas intake.

We will develop and manufacture your bespoke HME foams for a range of sizes, composite forms and prosperity levels to match each individual project. Also, if required, we can develop a new specialised grade of HME foam, and we will work in unison with our trusted raw material suppliers to ensure you receive the best foam product for your project.

Protective Sterilised Foams

We can provide a variety of sterilised foam supplies for any medical or scientific field, such as sterilised foam saliva swabs. We can cater our sterilised foam products to your needs, and will ensure you receive the appropriate sterilised foam products.

Laundered Foam – For Medical and Scientific Projects

Here at Technical Foam Services, we provide laundered foam products, such as laboratory laundered foam tips, which can be used in medical and scientific laboratories. We have been designing, developing and manufacturing our foam products since 1990, so whether you require HME foams, such as dry calcium chloride foams or impregnated calcium chloride foams, or wound dressings, you can rest assured you will receive the best medical and scientific foams for your project. We are passionate about working with our clients to ensure their individual requirements are catered for, and that they receive the best medical foams for their requirements.

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