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PVA Foam Converter and Supplier

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) foam is a unique material offering benefits over some other forms, such as polyurethane and cellulose foams, in specific applications where high absorbency and durability are required.


PVA foams

Common uses of PVA sponge include::

  • Household-cleaning sponges such as mops and bathroom wipes
  • Car cleaning and wax applicator sponges
  • Synthetic alternatives to Chamois leather
  • Beauty sponges for deep cleansing and eye make-up removal
  • Cosmetic exfoliating sponges
  • Bath sponges
  • Specialist medical wound treatment products

Why Choose PVA Foams?


While most of the products listed above can be produced using a variety of different foam materials, the unique structure of PVA foams provides numerous benefits when absorbency, durability and cleaning ability are the key features.

Unlike polyurethane or cellulose foams where the cells are individual, PVA foam has an open-cell structure. This allows moisture to pass from cell to cell, producing a higher level of absorbency.. While it becomes extremely flexible when wet, creating super soft, non-linting and non-abrasive products, PVA is incredibly durable and hard-wearing. It can last up to six times longer than non-PVA sponge products.

Other benefits of PVA foams are:

  • Strong chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Biodegradable
  • UV resistant
  • Machine washable up to 70 degrees C without deformation
  • Re-usable, therefore cost-effective
  • Available in a wide range of pore sizes
  • Available in a huge variety of colours
  • Colourfast

As it is such a unique type of foam, PVA requires different handling and processing than the more widely used PU and PE foams, which is where Technical Foam Services’ vast experience in converting and manufacturing PVA foam goods comes to the fore.

With a wealth of experience handling PVA foams, we have the technical capacity and know-how to offer our customers a truly immense amount of choice. Our PVA foams can be supplied in a variety of colours, shapes, and pore sizes to suit each specific application, including highly-specialised fields such as medical wound dressings.


PVA Foams for Medical Applications


pva foam for medical applications


As the recognised UK leader in engineering-biased foams, Technical Foam Services is the trusted supplier of numerous clients in the medical sector, where our products are used in sophisticated PVA wound dressings.

When damp, PVA foams are soft, flexible and highly absorbent, drawing off moisture and bacteria. On drying, however, they become rigid; allowing for easy removal of the dressings and providing an optimum healing environment.

As an established supplier to medical companies, we have all the necessary protocols in place to produce highly-specialised products. We are also able to provide gamma sterilisation and deliver our medical PVA foams in sealed packaging where required to customers in the UK, Europe and beyond.


Finding the Right PVA Foam for You


At Technical Foam Services we are second to none when it comes to offering our customers choice, quality and service in the PVA foam sector. Contact us to discuss your requirements with our technical team, as we’re sure to have the perfect solution for your individual PVA foam needs.



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