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Soundproofing Foam

Our soundproofing foam is created to your exact specifications by our in-house team of technical foam experts, offering effective noise reduction that’s built for your environment. Whether you require sound deadening for a neutral studio space, automotive acoustic insulation or wall soundproofing for construction, we can create a custom solution that ticks every box.

Popular Applications

  • Studio soundproofing – various shapes and sizes for recording and performance spaces
  • Compressors and generators – high-quality and fire-retardant soundproofing foams
  • Air conditioning units – made-to-measure soundproofing for standalone units
  • Engine protection – fire-retardant soundproofing foams for vibration isolation in the automotive and rail industries
  • Suspended absorbers – echo-reducing absorbers for large rooms such as cinemas, theatres, school halls and exhibition rooms
  • Soundproofing buildings – builders use foam in cavity walls as it has the double function of soundproofing and heat insulation

How Does Soundproof Foam Work?

Sound is a kind of energy produced when things vibrate. When sound waves are produced, the energy must go somewhere – travelling through physical surfaces (including water) or gases (like air). As the energy travels out from the source it causes objects in its path to vibrate.

Sound energy can be converted from one medium to another – which is why you can hear voices through walls: leaving the speaker’s mouth, travelling through air, through the wall and then back into air until it reaches your ear.

If you don’t want to hear that voice from next door, you need to interrupt the sound – to deaden the sound. The aim of soundproofing foam is to attenuate the amount of sound and stop it spreading through the air or physical surfaces by absorbing the vibrations.

Sound travels through solid steel and other construction materials 15 times faster than through air, but using soft, absorbent combinations of solids and air (foam) offers effective acoustic soundproofing.

Our soundproofing foam is created from polyurethane and melamine foams. This foam’s open-cell structure increases air resistance and helps stop sound waves effectively, providing the highest level of noise reduction. However, how we process and convert these foams is what makes the real difference in the level of sound insulation.

To learn more, click through to our full article on how soundproofing foam works, or read our tips on soundproofing a room.


What We Offer

As one of the UK’s leading acoustic foam manufacturers, we provide the widest range of acoustic foam options on the market. We have produced soundproofing foam for a variety of industries, from recording studios and performance spaces to solutions in the automotive and rail industries.

Choose from a variety of grades, compositions and thicknesses, including fire-retardant foams and non-rotting types such as PVC, all with unique sound absorption properties, and work with us to create a truly bespoke solution.

Our expert, in-house engineering department and custom tooling capability enables us to produce soundproof foam in straight sheets, cut parts, egg crate panels, pyramid profiled panels and much more. Every soundproof foam panel, part and sheet is developed and cut to meet your unique requirements.

We make foam for every application, in any industry – contact us today and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.



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