Acoustic Tiles

Our team of technical foam experts can work with you to develop acoustic foam wall or ceiling tiles that match your precise specifications. Custom sizing, foam grades and shaping will help you build the perfect acoustic environment, whether in a recording studio, industrial testing or office space.olution that ticks every box.

Popular Applications

  • Recording studio acoustic treatment – various shapes and sizes for acoustic enhancement in recording and performance spaces
  • Reverb and echo elimination – sound control for large lecture halls, sports hall and conference rooms
  • Ceiling sound absorption – reducing noise pollution and sound travel through buildings in offices, industrial and domestic spaces


What We Offer

As one of the UK’s leading foam suppliers, we can produce acoustic tiles and panels for all situations, from acoustic studio treatments to new construction projects.

Our acoustic foam panels are processed and engineered to provide effective noise reduction, acoustic diffusion or sound enhancement tailored to your specific environment. With an endless variety of foam grades, compositions and thicknesses to choose from, you can be sure that our bespoke solution will offer the very best in professional acoustics.

Our expert, in-house engineering department and custom tooling capability enables us to produce acoustic ceiling tiles and acoustic wall tiles in almost any configuration, whether in sheets, custom cut parts, egg crate panels or pyramid profiled panels – every acoustic tile is developed and cut to meet your unique requirements.

Our bespoke foam cutting and development process will ensure that you receive acoustic tiles that precisely match your environment and specifications. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to create the best solution.


What Are Acoustic Tiles?

Acoustic foam tiles are squares of foam made to cover a surface, usually a wall or ceiling, to offer sound dampening or acoustic treatment. The tiles can be used to:

  • Reduce echo and noise interference in recording and performance
  • Enhance sound quality in recording studios or commercial spaces.
  • Soundproof a room against external noise pollution or unwanted noise.
  • Reduce the noise that escapes from a room.

All acoustic panels and tiles effectively work by making the surface softer, boosting sound absorption. This reduces the echo and reverberation that hard surfaces produce.

Acoustic foam panels can be fitted on suspended ceilings as sound diffusers – which will also help to reduce vibrations traveling through floors – or fitted directly to surfaces. This is often the case with large performance spaces where the primary aim is to reduce echo, rather than provide soundproofing.

Foam panels should remain unpainted, as paint recreates the harder surface that the tiles are designed to overcome. Sound insulation tiles are also generally non-washable because soap residue can fill in the tiny pores and crevices that make the tile work.

In office and industrial spaces, acoustic foam tiles are installed to provide noise control and improve sound quality, potentially boosting employee focus. Acoustic treatment can also offer benefits in domestic settings, as people seek higher quality audio from home speakers and entertainment systems.


sponges image

Sponges are used in a vast array of cleaning activities, from gently washing a tiny baby to scrubbing the kitchen floor. At Technical Foam Services, we offer a staggering range of sponges in every imaginable shape and size, to fulfil every requirement.

From natural sea sponges for bathing to heavy-duty car and cleaning sponges made of tough cellulose, we supply and convert a vast range of sponge pore materials to suit every use and to meet any design specification.

Cellulose sponge and sponge pore foams

As we are recognised as the leading engineer-biased foam converter in the UK and beyond, we can produce an extensive range of shapes and have access to all the latest innovations in cellulose sponge materials.

We are only able to do this as a result of the close links we have forged with world’s leading foam block manufacturers, thus ensuring that we are always at the forefront of new developments. This also means that we have access to the most innovative and cutting-edge materials before many other converters.

Bringing new products to market

With the capability to design and develop conversion machinery to handle any form or size of sponge material, we are able to contour shape, buff, and profile sponges, and even laminate them to a nylon where required, to meet our customers’ bespoke requirements; we can also flow-wrap and retail pack cellulose sponges to your specifications.

To discuss your requirements or design ideas with our technical team, please contact us (we also welcome site visits from major retailers).

Sponge Pore Foams

With their open pore structure and soft texture, sponge pore foams are the perfect material for getting in a lather, in terms of soapsuds! From bathing baby to washing the dishes, they are ideal for a wide range of applications in the home where gentle but effective cleaning is essential.

As the leading UK-based independent producer of sponge pore foams, at Technical Foam Services we produce the highest quality products in a rainbow of colours and in virtually any shape you like, to offer our customers sponges that not only perform but also look fantastic.

sponge pore foams

The widest choice

With close links with the leading foam block manufacturers, we have access to the widest selection of sponge pore raw materials available, which means that whether you are looking for the softest of bath sponges or a more resilient, denser washing up sponge, we are sure to have the right grade in stock to meet your exact needs.

Furthermore, with a huge inventory of sponge pore foams, the colour possibilities are almost endless. From vibrant yellow to pastel pink, at Technical Foam Services we offer a choice that is second to none.

Adding a new dimension

While we offer the widest choice in sponge pore foam grades, densities and colours, what really sets us apart from other foam converters is what we can do with these materials.

We are recognised around the world as the leading UK-based engineering-biased foam converter and as such the range of possibilities we offer in shaping the sponge pore foam products we develop and manufacture is almost without limit. From simple rectangular or lozenge shaped products to 3D CNC cut shapes (ranging from pineapples to whales and everything in between), the only limit is your imagination.

With an in-house engineering department capable of producing custom tooling and machinery to produce the required shape, and state-of-the-art UK facilities the possibilities are endless.

As well as die cutting and CNC cutting, we are also able to contour, buff, and profile sponges, and where required laminate them to other materials to offer customers high performance, unique products in any shape they like.

Focused on your needs

With so many design possibilities, we work with each of our customers on an individual basis at every stage, from design and development through prototyping and production to delivery. Where desired we can even flow-wrap and retail package sponge pore foams for you, so they are ready to go straight on the shelf as soon as they arrive, taking care of every aspect of the manufacturing and supply chain on your behalf.

With many years’ experience supplying bespoke sponge pore foams to well-known brands and retailers in the UK, Europe and beyond, at Technical Foam Services we offer superior products and superior service every time. We also value our relationships with our clients, and, as a BRC-certified company, we welcome site visits from major retailers.

Contact our technical team to discuss your design ideas or requirements.

Natural Sea Sponges

natural sea sponges

Technical Foam Services is recognised around the world as the leading UK-based engineering-biased foam, pore and cellulose sponge supplier, but there are times when no amount of technical know-how can compare with the quality of the materials provided by Mother Nature. A perfect example of this is natural sea sponges, the outstanding gentle, absorbent properties and texture of which can never truly be replicated by man, regardless of his expertise.

Dedicated to providing the highest quality products to suit the individual requirements of each and every one of our customers, we recognise that we can never “reproduce” these unique properties, which is why we are also the UK’s largest importer and distributor of natural sea sponges, ensuring that we can always offer our clients the very best products to meet their needs.

Harnessing the power of nature

Natural sea sponges have been used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin for thousands of years. Soft, gentle, and luxurious, they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin, including babies’.

As a result natural sea sponges are perfect for a range of applications where gentle cleansing is the major factor, such as bathing and showering, removing cosmetics, and even wall painting.

Furthermore, although they are incredibly soft, they have superior abrasion resistance compared with many synthetic sponges and therefore do not peel or disintegrate as quickly.

A natural choice

We supply a wide range of the best sponges available, each of which has its own unique properties that are suitable for specific uses. These cover:

  • Honeycomb sponges – the jewel in the crown, the honeycomb sponge’s highly porous texture absorbs a high amount of water and creates a luxuriant lather, ideal for bathing and cosmetic applications.
  • Loofah – A more rigid sponge, the perfect natural exfoliator for use in the bath and shower
  • Wool sponges – highly absorbent and soft but also incredibly durable, perfect for baby and adult bathing as well as wall painting.
  • Grass sponges – A cost effective natural sea sponge. Soft and gentle, these sponges are widely used by decorators for wall painting.
  • Silk sponges – Silky smooth, with a finer texture and lower absorbency, they are ideal for cleansing the face and use in other cosmetic applications.

Responsible sourcing

All of our natural sea sponges are harvested in the deepest waters of the Mediterranean and Caribbean by our own network of divers. As a result, we can be sure that we only ever supply the best quality sponges and that sponge stocks are not depleted, as when the roots of the sponge are left intact the sponges regenerate themselves.

Cellulose Foam Sponges

cellulose sponge

With superior absorbency and resilience, cellulose foam has long been used for a multitude of household cleaning and art applications, providing a high level of performance at a low cost. But the potential applications for this unique material far exceed standard square-cut sponge pads.

As the recognised leader in foam and sponge technology and precision engineering, we develop and manufacture a wide range of standard and compressed cellulose sponge products for a vast range of applications.

These include:

  • Car cleaning sponges
  • Cellulose sponge cloths
  • Compressed household sponges
  • A vast range of promotional sponges


Professional Cellulose Foam Manufacturing

As a leader in the development of new cellulose foam products and applications, we supply an immense range of medical, household and car-cleaning products, serving as an effective and economic option for brands and retailers alike.

As compressed cellulose sponges are much smaller in volume than standard cellulose sponge, our compressed products take up far less space in transit and on the shop shelf. However, once immersed in water, they return to their original size, offering the same level of performance to the end-user.

With unrivalled conversion facilities at our UK plant, we can manufacture and supply cellulose foam goods in a vast array of densities and shapes, from traditional square mop sponges to intricately shaped products. We offer a totally comprehensive service, from design through production to bespoke printing and branded packaging.

cellulose sponge cloths

Compressed Cellulose Sponge – The Perfect Marketing Medium

In recent years, with the development of compressed cellulose sponge, the possibilities for using these materials in promotional and marketing products have expanded enormously. Lightweight and small in volume, cellulose foam sponge is the perfect low-cost, high-impact medium on which to advertise a range of products and brands.

With unrivalled in-house engineering and conversion facilities, we can cut cellulose sponges to any 2D outline you wish, from ovals and squares, footballs and hearts, to complex animal shapes and everything in-between.

We can also apply a four-colour print to the surface to enable you to get your message across in an innovative and vibrant way, making cellulose sponge the ideal platform for give-away and promotional items. We can also supply promotional cellulose sponge products in branded packaging where desired.

Eco-Friendly Foam Solutions

As a leader in the development and manufacture of cellulose sponge solutions, we stock a vast selection of colours, all of which are green… in terms of their environmental credentials.

Our cellulose sponge products are:

  • Lightweight, compact and versatile
  • Produced from natural materials
  • Biodegradable
  • Cost-effective

At Technical Foam Services, we have the engineering know-how and the manufacturing capabilities to supply almost any design in cellulose sponge. All we need is your ideas.

Simply send us your design, or contact our specialist manufacturing team to discuss your technical foam requirements, and we’ll develop a unique solution to meet your needs.


Cosmetic Foams

cosmetic foams

The term “cosmetic foams” encompasses a wide variety of applications, including everything from make-up applicators and removers, beauty and cleansing products, to fragrance carrying foams and liquid impregnated products.

With a vast range of foam grades in stock at all times, we are the recognised leader in engineering-biased foam conversion and supply a wide range of materials and products to suit every imaginable cosmetic foam requirement. We are specialists in producing cosmetic solutions where superior hydrophilic properties are an essential factor. Manufactured in high-grade polyurethane (PU) foams, these include:

  • Foam applicators
  • Cosmetic removal pads and wipes
  • Hydrophilic sponges
  • Cosmetic release foams

Available in densities from as low as 30kg/m3 up to 150kg/m3, and in a range of porosities spanning 60ppi to 150ppi, at Technical Foam Services we can supply hydrophilic cosmetic foams to suit your precise requirements for both professional salon applications and for consumer goods for use at home.

Gentle and durable

Dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality goods that always far exceed “standard” products, all of our hydrophilic cosmetic foams are developed and manufactured to the highest specifications to ensure a superior level of longevity, durability and performance, while also being extremely gentle and soft on delicate skin.

To ensure this, all of our hydrophilic cosmetic foam grades are latex-free, non-toxic and odourless, whilst also being non-crumbling and oil resistant. Manufactured to last, they are also washable and re-usable, thus ensuring a durable and cost-effective solution for liquid, solid and powder applications in both domestic and professional salon environments.

With fantastic relationships in both the cosmetics and packaging industries, we can supply your products ready packaged for you, therefore offering a complete one-stop solution for any cosmetic foam goods.

A flawless finish

With unrivalled in-house engineering expertise and manufacturing facilities, we not only offer the widest choice of foam grades, we also provide the most expansive choice of products in terms of the shapes, colours and styles in which we can produce hydrophilic cosmetic foams.

Highly absorbent, breathable and soft, we can die-cut, buff and weld cosmetic foams to produce bespoke solutions to meet your exact requirements. We can also produce a wide range of composite foams to offer enhanced anti-microbial and anti-fungal characteristics where required. We can specially engineer cosmetic foams to carry and release a huge selection of products ranging from make-up and moisturisers to fragrances and cleansers.

The scope of applications for cosmetic foams is truly vast and we are constantly working with clients to develop and produce new, unique and ground-breaking solutions. With an expert team of engineers able to design and manufacture bespoke tooling and equipment, the possibilities are endless.

We welcome a challenge, so, if you’re considering a new cosmetic foam application, contact our technical team and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

PVA Foam Converter and Supplier

Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) foam is a unique material offering benefits over some other forms, such as polyurethane and cellulose foams, in specific applications where high absorbency and durability are required.

PVA foams

These include:

  • Household-cleaning sponges such as mops and bathroom wipes
  • Car cleaning and wax applicator sponges
  • Synthetic alternatives to Chamois leather
  • Beauty sponges for deep cleansing and eye make-up removal
  • Cosmetic exfoliating sponges
  • Bath sponges
  • Specialist medical wound treatment products


Why Choose PVA Foams?

While most of the products listed above can be produced using a variety of different foam materials, the unique structure of PVA foams provides numerous benefits when absorbency, durability and cleaning ability are the key features.

Unlike polyurethane or cellulose foams where the cells are individual, PVA foams have an open-cell structure which allows moisture to pass from cell to cell, producing a higher level of absorbency. While it becomes extremely flexible when wet, creating super soft, non-linting and non-abrasive products, PVA is incredibly durable and hard-wearing. It can last up to six times longer than non-PVA sponge products.

Other benefits of PVA foams are:

  • Strong chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Biodegradable
  • UV resistant
  • Machine washable up to 70 degrees C without deformation
  • Re-usable, therefore cost-effective
  • Available in a wide range of pore sizes
  • Available in a huge variety of colours
  • Colourfast

As it is such a unique type of foam, PVA requires different handling and processing than the more widely used PU and PE foams, which is where Technical Foam Services’ vast experience in converting and manufacturing PVA foam goods comes to the fore.

With a wealth of experience handling PVA foams, we have the technical capacity and know-how to offer our customers a truly immense amount of choice. Our PVA foams can be supplied in a variety of colours, shapes, and pore sizes to suit each specific application, including highly-specialised fields such as medical wound dressings.

PVA Foams for Medical Applications

pva foam for medical applications

As the recognised UK leader in engineering-biased foams, Technical Foam Services is the trusted supplier of numerous clients in the medical sector, where our products are used in sophisticated PVA wound dressings.

When damp, PVA foams are soft, flexible and highly absorbent, drawing off moisture and bacteria. On drying, however, they become rigid; allowing for easy removal of the dressings and providing an optimum healing environment.

As an established supplier to medical companies, we have all the necessary protocols in place to produce highly-specialised products. We are also able to provide gamma sterilisation and deliver our medical PVA foams in sealed packaging where required to customers in the UK, Europe and beyond. At Technical Foam Services we are second to none when it comes to offering our customers choice, quality and service in the PVA foam sector.

Contact us to discuss your requirements with our technical team, as we’re sure to have the perfect solution for your individual PVA foam needs.


High Density Closed Cell Foam for Packaging

high density foam

When high-value heavier products and equipment need to be transported, selecting the correct packaging foam is vital to ensure both protection and impact absorption. In such situations, a high-density, closed cell foam provides the optimum solution, combining heavy-duty performance, superior high load bearing (HLB) capacity and impact protection in a lightweight, thin foam.

As the leading UK-based manufacturer and converter of high density protective packaging foams, we stock a wide range of HLB high density foams in the most advanced closed cell cross-linked polyethylene materials, including Plastazote, Evazote and Alveolit.

Combined with our outstanding engineering prowess and state-of-the-art UK facilities, we are able to produce high-density packaging foams in an array of sizes and shapes to meet the precise requirements of a wide spectrum of applications. These include solutions for re-usable transportation packaging, moisture sensitive electronic components and state-of-the-art medical and military equipment, to name just a few.

Protection that lasts

Due to the uniform cellular structure of high-density foams, the products we manufacture provide a high level of protection that lasts. Flexible and durable, these materials continue to provide a superior level of impact protection and shock absorption over a sustained period, recovering from the impact each time while still providing complete protection to the goods inside.

In addition to shock absorption closed cell high-density foams, we also offer other advantages for sensitive and fragile goods packaging. These include:

  • Anti-static properties – this is particularly relevant in packaging for electrical goods and components and for products that will be transported by air.
  • Flexibility – enabling precision shaping and therefore a custom fit to be achieved, even for the most complex goods.
  • UV, chemical and moisture resistance, and flame retardant – closed cell, high-density foams provide complete protection that far exceeds mere shock absorption. They are also fire retardant, non-corrosive and totally odourless, thus providing a completely safe and neutral environment for light, moisture and chemically sensitive objects.
  • Re-usability and recyclability – offering a long-term, high-quality solution that is a more environmentally-friendly option compared with other solutions, as they can be re-used and recycled high density foams are also extremely cost-effective.

In the thick of it

With unrivalled experience and engineering expertise in the field of high density packaging foams, we are at the forefront in terms of our design, development and production capabilities. With a vast selection of high-density foams in stock, spanning a wide range of thicknesses and pore sizes, we also excel in the range of products we can manufacture. From water jet cutting and egg box profiling to custom designed sophisticated shapes, we are able to supply high-density foam products to meet even the most stringent specifications.

With an expert team of in-house engineers, state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced materials, we work with each individual client to design, develop, test and manufacture bespoke, high-density foam solutions that offer the optimum performance in terms of protection, weight, flexibility and durability.

Send us a sample or contact our technical team to discuss your individual requirements.

Chipfoam Packaging


Chip foam packaging

Chip foam, also known as reconstituted foam, is a high-performance, cost-effective open cell packaging solution, which is ideal for a wide spectrum of goods ranging from heavy plant and machinery to electronic goods such as laptops and computers.

As the recognised UK-based leader in engineering-biased foam conversion, we offer a wide selection of chip foam packaging solutions in an extensive selection of colours and densities, which are used to package goods all around the world.

Greater than the sum of its parts

Chip foam is manufactured from the “scrap” polyurethane foam that is produced when cutting large foam sheets and blocks. These are then granulated and bonded together to form a highly versatile and cost-effective foam solution, which is particularly suited to a wide range of packaging applications.

While some may view chip foam as simple off-cuts or scrap, these foam materials offer the same high quality as other polyurethane materials while the bonding process instils a high degree of flexibility and strength into the end products. As a result, chip foam is a versatile and economical solution that offers performance properties that are, in fact, often greater than the sum of its parts. This results in a superior level of durability, resilience, impact and sound absorption and protection than many “virgin” materials.

Military precision

Although chip foam may be produced from off-cuts, it by no means cuts corners in terms of its performance properties. Far from being a cheaper substitute for other foams, it offers the optimum solution in a wide range of packaging applications where quality and endurance are paramount.

Testament to this is the widespread use of chip foam in military packaging applications, where stringent specifications and harsh conditions demand only the highest standard foams can be used.

A cut above the rest

Ideal for large and heavier goods such as plant, machinery and larger electronic components, we supply chip foam in a wide range of thicknesses, densities and colours to meet the demands of a vast array of specific packaging applications.

As the leading engineering-biased chip foam manufacturer and converter, we also offer the widest choice of shaping and finishing options, and our design and manufacturing capabilities in the packaging sector are second to none.

With state-of-the-art UK conversion facilities and an in-house engineering department with over 30 years’ experience in processing foam materials, including chip foam, we can produce bespoke tooling to create chip foam packaging solutions to house even the most complex shaped products.

From simple plain cut chip foam pads and egg box profiling to state-of-the-art, sophisticated CNC die cut chip foams, at Technical Foam Services the cutting and finishing options we offer are virtually limitless.

As experts in the field of chip foam packing solutions, we are able to offer a truly comprehensive and bespoke service to our customers, from the design and development of prototypes, through testing to full-scale manufacturing.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, high performance chip foam packaging supplier, contact our technical team for a competitive quote and to discuss your individual requirements.

Egg Crate Foam

egg crate foam

Choosing the right packaging medium is vital for OEMs and suppliers when transporting goods, as products that are damaged in transit not only cause financial losses for the manufacturer, they also lead to a loss of confidence when customers have to deal with shortfalls and missing items in their consignments due to broken components or products.

But safely shipping goods that are not a standard “box” shape can prove more difficult as the goods tend to move around and therefore break more easily. In such circumstances, egg crate foam packaging provides the perfect solution for a vast array of products, providing superior cushioning and impact protection than flat foam products or other packaging materials.

As the leading engineering-biased foam manufacturer and converter in the UK, Technical Foam Services offers a huge selection of egg crate packaging foams. We provide bespoke, highly effective, protective solutions to suit a vast range of different shaped products, thus ensuring they arrive at their destination in tip-top condition.

Ergonomic appeal

Produced from high cushioning, open cell polyurethane foam, our egg crate packaging foam is processed to create a convoluted surface consisting of continuous peaks and troughs, which produce a larger surface area and improved protection. As a result, even non-uniform shaped goods are kept in a static position thus preventing them from being damaged.

Often used in a “sandwich” solution, whereby products are packed between two sheets of egg crate foam, the protective surface interlocks around the product to improve stability and reduce movement even further, thus providing a flexible wall of protection that literally envelops the goods.

In addition to its protective and impact absorption properties, egg crate foam is also soft and non-abrasive thus providing the perfect packaging solution for even the most delicate and sensitive goods. As a result, it is often the material of choice for packaging electronic goods and components and other technical equipment.

Fit for purpose

Our egg crate packaging foams are a lightweight, flexible and cost-effective packaging solution, and are available in a wide range of grades, densities and profile shapes; therefore, we can ensure that we can always provide the optimum grade to meet your exact needs for a wide variety of packaging applications.

Furthermore, with our outstanding in-house engineering capabilities and profound understanding of the performance levels of different foam grades and densities, we can produce bespoke egg crate foam packaging solutions to meet your precise criteria and requirements.

Based on the products for which you require a packaging solution, our expert in-house technical staff can specify the optimum egg crate foam for your needs in terms of thickness, density and the level of profiling. Our engineers can then, where necessary, design and manufacture bespoke tooling to produce profiled egg crate foam that meets your exact needs in terms of shape and size.

From simple egg crate packaging sheets right through to precision CNC cut egg crate packaging inserts engineered to provide a bespoke fit for specific products, we offer the widest choice of both standard and bespoke egg crate foam packaging available.

For a competitive quote and to discuss your individual requirements, contact our technical team.

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